Gone Wrong Road Markings and Signs

A small collection of botched up road signs and road markings. Enjoy!


  • Wrong Turn

This isn’t going to end well.

  • Wrong Translation.

For those that don’t speak welsh, the text at the bottom reads, “I’m not in the office right now. send any work to translate.”

  • Bad Road Repairs.

When road repairs are so bad, council workers think it’s part of the pavement.

  • Is that CLAER?

Outside a school!

  • Double Yellow Lines.

Council workers decided this very narrow lane needed double yellow lines on both sides.

  • M6 Where?

Ah the Nouth.

  • Minuites.

No one will notice if we use some black paint.

  • £20 of Petrel?

Is that a new fuel?

  • You had one job! 

Road worker after christmas party?

  • Look Left.

No! The other left!


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