Who remembers the Caerleon By-Pass? By Cllr Joan Watkins

Who remembers the Caerleon By-Pass?

When a major housing development is proposed within a small close-nit community, one must consider accompanying infrastructure improvements to support the impact of the extra housing and an increase in population. This was the case in 1990 when a proposal for 600 houses, a marina and promenade was on the table. To go along side such a large scale development it was proposed that a by-pass was to built to cut-out the already strained one-way system. Back in 1990, the Caerleon Riverside project was intended as a “sympathetic approach to the development of the historic town of Caerleon”. The proposals were made by the Caerleon Land Development Company Ltd and came after considerable consultation and preparation. They were subject to a formal planning application submitted to Newport Council. The Company responsible was led by the Lark Group – a Cornwall based group of companies. Ultimately, the development never happened. But, over time we’ve seen the development of Trinity View, Green Meadows and numerous smaller applications over a 27 year period. Now we see the potential development of a sizeable housing at the USW Campus which could see in excess of 300 new residential properties (flats and houses combined). But where are the infrastructure improvements? What are your views on all of this? I’m keen to hear from the community.

Kind Regards,

Conservative Cllr Joan Watkins. Caerleon Resident






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