Website traffic 27,793 visits in 10 days

Do you run a business?

Did you know Open Caerleon’s website has a Business Directory built in? allowing you to submit your business details for free. To claim your free listing, follow this link to open the directory then click ‘Create a Listing’ (you will need to register an account.) fill in the required info and hit submit. once we have checked it, normally within 24 hours, it will be live! We will randomize the listings on the pages so you get seen when people visit the site, in addition we feed all listings into Google and Bing so you get seen locally even if you don’t have your own website. if you get stuck, or wish us to list your business for you please contact us via the contact form

Please make sure you have all details to hand, such as web / facebook links, contact numbers and email, pictures and wording.

Why list my business on OC?

When OC was launched we were averaging 200 site visits a day. a few months on and we are averaging a few thousand visits per day! 15th October was our busiest day getting almost 9000 unique site visits during the course of the day.

The below is the last 10 days data.

Between 7th October and today 16th October the website totaled 27,793 visits. 25,280 are unique and the returning users came too 2,513

The total of those that were Uk visitors came to 26,777 The breakdown of that is as follows..

  1. Wales 14,388 (53.73%)
  2. England 11,960 (44.67%)
  3. Scotland 353 (1.32%)
  4. Northern Ireland 66 (0.25%)
  5. (not set) 5 (0.02%)
  6. Isle of Man 5 (0.02%)

We are expecting to see this traffic increase. If you wish to see further info regarding this data, or to discuss being featured in the site please drop us a line via the contact form


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