Tourism Tax for Wales?

Tourism Tax for Wales?

The Welsh Government’s new tax governance powers are now active, with our friends in the Assembly eagerly eying up new ways to squeeze more tax out of us here in Wales.  Unlike in England, the Welsh Assembly is led by the Labour Party who have a majority number of Assembly Members.  One of the most startling new tax proposals on the table is to introduce a Welsh Tourism Tax.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  As you can imagine, this has gone down like a lead balloon for those working in the tourism industry.  It’s still not entirely clear as to have this tax will be deployed, but hotels and b&b’s could see their room fees rise whereby making a weekend stay in Vale of Glamorgan much more expense than say, a break in the Cotswolds (just over the border in England).  I imagine caravan parks could be hit as well and this really angers me personally.  An average seasonal pitch on a touring park is around £1800 per annum, however a 10% tourism tax would slap another £180 onto that bill.  Our Welsh Caravan Parks would be hit.  A caravan holiday to Somerset, Devon and Cornwall suddenly becomes very much more appealing.

This isn’t good.  The Conservative firmly oppose this tax and I urge you to do the same.

Sign our petition to oppose Labour, Lib Dems and Plaid’s ‘tourism tax’


Michael Enea
Welsh Conservatives 

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