Start-up of a Community Kitchen

Tasty Not Wasty

Utilising surplus food and donated food, I am aiming to start a community kitchen – in Cwmbran but easily accessible.

I have been part of an initiative to help those in Cwmbran (and sometimes wider area) with food insecurity for so many extremely valid and sometimes upsetting reasons.  This is taking it up a notch and not just supplying the raw ingredients.

The aims are to help reduce food waste, I have been collecting and distributing throughout the summer to different food shares and so this is just the next step and formalising it; to help give affordable nutritional food (and tasty food) out, with a gift it forward for those who might have food insecurity; to help the wider community and help bring people together (obviously within Covid-19 restrictions etc).

So whether you work long hours and need to just not think about a meal, or you have been furloughed and suddenly discover there’s not a job for you to go back too, my hope is that being able to pick up something to fill your bellies that will help make the world feel a little less harsh.

It is being finalised soon, hopefully with the Government, but if you wish to get involved in the future, please get in touch.  Peelers, becoming a member, blanchers/chefing, collectors, someone taking photos of donated food, helping sort for various purposes, or someone sitting at home looking at the pictures and inputting the details into a spread sheet, would be immensively helpful.

As a new community not for profit start up, if anyone has any suggestions for funding or any links that might be useful please get in touch.  At this moment in time anything is useful, and helpful advice is always welcome.

We are on Facebook if you want to follow this rollercoaster journey I’m about to undertake. Thank you for reading my ramblings 😉

Tasty Not Wasty

This guest article was submitted by Sabrina Cresswell .

@TastyNotWastyTorfaen was generated by a member of the wider community to help promote reducing food waste. I thought it was very good but also a bit funny.

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