Parking Charge Terms and Conditions

Legally enforceable? Think twice before sending me a parking charge. Print off and display in your car.

Terms and Conditions: 

Parking charge means any charge or fine imposed by any private car park enforcement agency; either acting upon instruction of a client or in a private capacity.

  1. By sending me a parking charge or fine, are you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions. and are also agreeing to pay me a fee of ninety nine pounds per letter(s) i send to you in relation to this matter.
  2. The fee(s) will not be reduced upon early payment.
  3. You will have a right of appeal against these charges. the appeal process can be started by writing to me and asking for mediation, whereby immediately we will arrange a panel of experts lawyers who have no law degrees, qualifications or experience in any line of UK law whatsoever. who from herein on be called the (Facebookers)


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