Microsmith Electronics Donates tablets

This week Microsmith Electronics donated 10 tablets to schools in Caerleon, 5 going to Ysgol Gymraeg Nant Gwenlli, and 5 going to Cylch Meithrin Caerllion who are based at Lodge Church.

Microsmith also launched a free Tablet Loan service, aimed at pupils who need to be homeschooled and patient’s of the local hospitals. Writing on their facebook page,

Some brilliant new services coming this week regarding donated devices. We are launching a totally FREE local service where you can short term loan a Windows based tablet from us. It will be aimed mainly at school pupils who need to isolate, and be homeschooled, but either don’t have a device or haven’t got one that’s good enough to do their work on, and it will also be aimed at members of the public who have been hospitalised and need to stay in touch with family but don’t have a device, and require a short term loan tablet so they can video call. We cannot just hand out devices here and there, so when the service is live, we will require the school to refer the pupils to us, and we will also require the hospital / nurse on the ward to refer the patients to us as well. This is new, we need to work out the finer details, and see if we can help anyone else, it will be FREE! But there will be a option to donate a few quid if you wish that will help pay towards our costs of providing this service or just help pay for the fuel in the van when we deliver the devices. Right now, we need local schools and hospitals to get in touch with us and register interest. Contact here.Https://Micro-smith.co.uk/Contact-us