How to help keep your kids safer on Social Media

How to help keep your kids safer on Social Media. In this post, i’ll talk about TikTok. i will post again with similar info in regards to other social accounts. 

I’ve screenshot some settings that you can make use of to help you make sure your kids aren’t subjected to videos with adult content or subjected to anything you don’t want them to be.

There are a few things to do, the very first and most important thing is DONT let your kids set up a social media account by themselves.
Sit down with them explain the pros and cons, talk about the risks of the internet and how you’re going to try reduce these risks, and go through the settings with them to make sure you’re both aware of how you can stay safer online.

The first issue I always see when kids setup accounts by themselves is the age. They more than always give a fake date of birth, in some cases making them above the age of 20. Remember, An adult is subject to adult content.

You can take more control of your child’s account by using ‘Family Pairing’

(Please see photos)

1: Login to your account, go to your profile and tap the 3 dots.

2: select family paring from the list

3: select parent

4: select the settings you wish to use.

From a teens account you do the same but when you select ‘Teen’ you have to scan the QR code from the parents account.

There are similar settings with Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat etc.