Friends of Ponthir School Community Fund

Friends of Ponthir School Community Fund

We need your support to win a grant from the Aviva Community Fund.

Studies show that children are better at identifying Pokémon characters than real animals and plants. If we are successful in winning this grant, it will go towards a complete regeneration of the outdoor spaces in our wonderful school. Our new outdoor shelters will have poems etched into the wood with pictures, spyholes and digital technology to encourage our children to engage and interact with the natural world around them.

Our aim is to have an alphabet trail around the the school which the children will be encouraged to follow – identifying the animals and plants located nearby. They will be encouraged to develop their listening skills as they stop to listen for bird song.

At two points on the trail we will locate shelters for the children to stop, observe and read the poems about the wildlife they spotted on the trail. In these areas the children will be encouraged to write their own responses to the poems – their very own writer’s shed.

We can only be successful with your help and votes! If we are winners, this grant will generate 80% of the funds needed to benefit our children in a massive way, so PLEASE cast your votes in our direction and make our school an even better place to Care, Learn and Grow.

Our Community Fund project on Aviva’s website, it can be located by following this link

To vote, you will need to register a voting account with Aviva, registration is free and can be done with your Facebook or Twitter account.

Please follow the instructions and refer to the pictures to assist you, Remember you get 10 votes. Please ensure you use them all on this project.



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  • 2. Register with your Email address or the easiest way is with Facebook, click the Facebook button and follow the instructions.


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  • 3. Complete Your Registration make sure you fill out the required fields highlights in the red boxes on the below image.


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  • 4. When you’re logged in you will be presented with the screen in the image below. to find ourproject, type the word ‘Ponthir’ into the search box and hit search, or click this LINK to go back to our project. 


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  • 5. When you have the our project page, you will see a slider from 0 – 10. please make sure you move the slider to 10 then press ‘Submit Votes’


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  • 6. When you have successfully cast all your votes you will see the screen below. 


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The Friends (Facebook Link)

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