COVID-19 Help and Support

We have had a number of people contacting open Caerleon offering assistance.

At this time we are following NHS and government guidelines. We are trying to limit official posts to official information posts from these agencies . However, we are collecting names of people offering support in the Caerleon boundary area.

If you can genuinely give time (subject to health) and this may mean being called at various times of day and night as the situation progresses. please log your details by filling out this form.

Please be patient as at this point in time we are purely gathering names and we will be directed at a later stage as to how best we can use our community volunteers.

People wanting to get involved immediately should contact established agencies such as Red Cross.

Please enter your address
Contact Number

This information won’t be shared to any 3rd parties other than the organisers to help manage and facilitate volunteers during the COVID-19 outbreak period. By submitting this info you give permission for it to be shared to the organisers.

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