Community Spirit holding strong

silhouette of man touching woman against sunset sky

For so many 2020 has been a washout a Annus horribilis the worst of years and the saddest. 

It would have been so easy for that sense of community to fall but in Caerleon the story has been very different. 

The community has rallied and where there could so easily have been darkness there has been flashes of inspiration and brilliance. 

Caerleon rallies around its tree in December and a small group rallied to ensure despite the challenges that we can look forward to Christmas. The amazing photographs captured by Steve and Jennifer have been turned in to a Calendar and their efforts and your donations as businesses or individuals sponsoring and buying them will ensure we can build on many years of successful Christmas Celebrations in our town. 

Be it our volunteers that battled through Covid, our scarecrow festival, 2020 Calendar, Christmas Santa, Prosecco and Pearls our PTA school fates, British Legion our wonderful festival teams, churches and community groups and the efforts made by so many other groups and businesses OC and museums  we have much to be positive and proud of as a community. I am thankful for the opportunity to play a small part in an increasingly colourful and growing wheel x 

This guest article was submitted by Jason Hughes.

Jason is a local councillor, community worker, antique dealer, activist husband and dad definitely not perfect in any of them but trying to be the best he can possibly be at all of them

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