Can you spare a few quid? Community Fundraising

Community Fundraising

COVID-19 has created a uncertain landscape for many people within the local area. with your support, we aim to help the most vulnerable by community funding.

In times of need everyone wants to do their bit. We are all doing our bit by staying home to support those that have to keep on working. this support fund will help people who are working on the ground in Caerleon to support local residents.

Every month we are going to choose three groups that we know are making a difference.There is no obligation to give and we are sorry but the rules won’t be as tight as we would like them but you have our word that any donations will get to groups and individuals we feel through Open Caerleon are making a difference.

We are also happy to take recommendations or appeals from local groups.
We haven’t the time to justify or debate our reasons be rest assured they will be made in the best interests all be it in our opinion based on what we see and hear and every penny will make a difference.

We will adapt the funding to meet the need but please support if you can xx
Mike and Jason.

Please See our funding page by following this link

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