Caerleon Ward Meeting Summary

Caerleon Ward Meeting Summary

Caerleon residents braved the weather to attend the ward meeting this evening. Officers from the Council along with police attended the meeting chaired this evening by Councillor Joan Watkins and attended by Councillor Jason Hughes.

The police opened the evening giving details of ongoing work in the Caerleon area and were asked several questions about parking, and heavy goods vehicles entering the town which was felt to be clearly exceeding the allowed 7.5t. Residents were asked to report the vehicle details and company name to 101 and it is likely that fixed penalty notices will be considered over the coming period in relation to parking violations. Residents felt Signage both at the bridge and lane also need to be looked at again.

Residents were asked to not park in areas that make it difficult for school buses to leave Broadway on to the high street and areas adjacent to the zebra crossings near Sainsbury and to be mindful that elderly and vulnerable pedestrians and children and mothers with buggies depend on walkways and park in a way that is considerate to pedestrians.

The education officer was questioned on the state of the comprehensive and Cllr Watkins said it was shameful. The officer said that NCC were well aware of the need to improve things and money had been allocated and progress awaiting match funding from the assembly.

The ongoing issue of fly tipping on Usk Road was raised and officers will look at this. On the same road it was questioned whether the Celtic manor were breaching planning regulations by allowing so many activities near the media field which had originally been allocated as an environmental area with lake and so on. Why hadn’t this happened and instead we have go karts.

A question was also raised about motorbikes on St Julians Hill, especially in the summer months.

The campus was discussed and people stated once again that Caerleon could not manage a further large scale development and that it was obvious and well recorded that Caerleon had a pollution and traffic problem. People’s health should come first and some felt strongly that pollution was not being taken seriously enough. Emergency vehicles would genuinely struggle to get by in peak traffic and more building would mean more Lorries. The poor quality and density of houses also questioned. People were reminded to submit their views to planning officer Joanne Davidson as the more objections submitted the more influence and awareness of people’s feelings.

Councillor Hughes felt it was maybe time to look at Caerleon as a whole and look closer at how separate issues impacted on other things in the village. Closer coordination was needed to support development without stifling the town and it’s residents. While the campus issue has been raging almost 150 houses have been built on other sites and creeping development has potentially an equal if not more damaging impact. A Caerleon Plan would allow education, tourism health and infrastructure all to be looked at together so that the town flourishes. Councillor Watkins pointed out that a recent change of use at the St Cadocs site by the Health Authority means an additional 400 cars use the site now.

The next Ward meeting will be on 6th February 2018 ( Caerleon Town Hall)

For further information or assistance please contact your ward councillors on:

Cllr Gail Giles:

Tel: 01633 421947


Cllr Jason Hughes:

Tel: 01633 968741


Cllr Joan Watkins:

Tel: 01633 549608



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