Caerleon Community Calendar 2021

A little about the Caerleon Community Calendar 2021.

Over the years of Open Caerleon Facebook page, there have been many fabulous photographs dropped in to share a smile.  Back in December 2019, a rather special photograph was posted into our group, it was of our very own Caerleon Christmas Tree, our magnificent full Moon topping off the tree like the Star of Bethlehem, very fitting indeed, this photograph received some very kind words of support and so it began, the suggestion of a Community Calendar to perhaps fund the Goldcroft Common Christmas tree 2020.

Time passed and photographs were still coming, then a pandemic to keep us all in isolation took grip.  During isolation there were many beautiful photographs shared within the successful group of Open Caerleon, which had now reached over 11,000 members.  From these amazing members came interest, support, kind words and above all the suggestion to put together a book or calendar of photographs from our time in lockdown.

Well, your comments were acted on, your comments were appreciated and your kindness most certainly pushed for a Caerleon Community Calendar to be created.

With much drive and determination, photographs were put together and before long a Caerleon creation was built.

A small team came up with a plan and approached businesses of Caerleon and before long we had the amazing generosity of Caerleon business owners, without question their support was forthcoming, the trust, kindness and heart of these businesses has been inspiring.

Well, onto the next chapter, through Open Caerleon Facebook page we asked for support and interest from its members, the outstanding reply of positivity was humbling, our initial calendar orders were to now double.

Not only do we have very generous, supportive businesses asking for nothing in return, we have the most amazing, supportive, kind and thoughtful residents wishing this Community Calendar project nothing but success.

Businesses in Caerleon have, without being asked, come forward and offered to support, stock and sell the Community Calendar and for that unquestionably support our time has been worthwhile.

Our team is small, your hearts are big and your support and generosity is impressive.


a few small cogs in a big wheel.

This guest article was submitted by Jennifer Wareham.

Just trying to help

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