Computer expert

I have had an expert help me with some computer issues and I have to say he was brilliant; very patient with me (which I certainly need) and sorted everything out for me. I would highly recommend Mike, his website is Check him out if you need help This guest article was submitted by Janice Morgan. I make my family laugh frequently by using the wrong words, they are commonly known as Janersims

Caerleon Community Calendar 2021

A little about the Caerleon Community Calendar 2021. Over the years of Open Caerleon Facebook page, there have been many fabulous photographs dropped in to share a smile.  Back in December 2019, a rather special photograph was posted into our group, it was of our very own Caerleon Christmas Tree, our magnificent full Moon topping off the tree like the Star of Bethlehem, very fitting indeed, this photograph received some very kind words of support and so it began, the suggestion of a Community Calendar to perhaps fund the Goldcroft…